My mission is to ignite transformation through physical and metaphysical practices, to contribute to the collective mission of love and expansion through passion, to focus on the joy and churn suffering into fuel for spiritual awakening.  

My Purpose:
My purpose is to bring that light out into the world and into others' lives, whether through yoga, energywork, movement or therapy; creating a long lasting connection throughout the universe that promotes healing, vitality, and compassion.  YOU ARE A WORTHY and a SACRED BEING and we are interconnected!  These practices are in place for you to remember that and come back to a place of home in your self.

Through my practice I hope to inspire opportunities to integrate the whole person-physical, mental, energetic and spiritual-in the journey of their healing. Through various modalities, the purpose is to assist each person to experience empowered living and deep healing.

I hope to share messages of hope, worthiness and peace to those who are willing to receive it into their life.


From the Coffee Bar

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Image by Sarah Ann Photography

Image by Sarah Ann Photography