individual healing

Are you searching for answers to a specific question or have a yearning in general that just can’t seem to be quenched? Are you a deep thinker, feeler and find relationships and life overwhelming at times? Curious in counseling, but hesitate going to a traditional office setting?

After a decade of offering therapy, I am grateful to offer this non-traditional way of offering a comfortable environment and personable connection to open up a safe space for you to discover what it is you have been seeking.

My work is centered about counseling for women, specifically centered about women’s needs. I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves and simply needs a supportive and unbiased mirror to see the “medicine” within their own being.

I utilize a variety of methods to help you on your journey, including depth psychology, mindfulness and other evidenced based theories. As we connect in session, you will receive authentic expression and a deeply humanistic approach - where you are not just another client, but someone who is deeply cared about and believed in.

Find real conversation and a comfortable, laid back environment fosters the trust and openness that leads to your transformation.

the methods

Depth psychology:

assists in making our unconscious conscious. It explores where in our life we are living unconsciously - often creating problems, reoccurring stresses and divides in our relationships and activities. It utilizes metaphor and meaning making, leaning to a more in depth process to healing. The dark and the light are acknowledged and no part of oneself is denied. It is a process of truth and acceptance that brings the client into more meaningful contact with life as a whole. 

Shadow work:

is a pathway of exploring the psyche in depth psychology.  The shadow is a vast term that is used to describe the aspects of ourselves that are “hidden” or unseen.  Oftentimes, the shadow expresses itself as habitual patterns and maladaptive (unhelpful) ways in our lives.  It is a part of the self that has been shamed or repressed into submission, but ultimately wants to be heard, seen and held.  Once we explore the message behind the shadow and allow it to express itself in a way that is healthy and intentional, we often find power that we never knew we had - often in the form of increased self worth, joy and peace.  Exploring your shadow can lead to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and personal awakening.

& beyond.