Jackie Paulson, LMHC
When any experience of body, heart, or mind keeps repeating in consciousness, it is a signal that this visitor is asking for a deeper and fuller attention.
— Jack Kornfield

heal through embodied living

a note from jackie

After returning from maternity leave last summer, I refined my vision for the way I offer therapy and healing sessions. Instead of keeping a wide scope, I decided to specialize with counseling for women, specifically and solely. The sessions and experiences that I offer will be developed around women’s specific needs and will focus whole-heartedly on healing through embodied living.

The thing that brings you to the therapy process initially is just the threshold: it opens us to a deeper experience of self-actualization and growth.

Alongside individual holistic therapy sessions, clients will be invited to participate in a myriad of group process experiences that will be offered year-round. These will be completely optional but highly encouraged if it seems to be in the client’s best interest.

I have found that health and wholeness happens exponentially in a group, especially inc circles of women. Although the details of our lives are intricate, unique, and dynamic, the root at what’s needed to heal in women often times is the same.

Connection, belonging, and empowerment are the impetuses to our journey.

I do not accept insurance. Although it is important to me that everyone has access to these services, there are some reasons in particular that I have decided not to proceed forward with that journey with the client’s best interest as motivation. You can read more about why I do not accept insurance, as well as my current policies and fees here.

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connection, belonging,and empowerment

I offer a range of services, ranging from individual and couples therapy sessions to reiki and energy work. My offerings are constantly evolving as I learn and offer more to the community. You’ll find many different ways I can help you on your journey to self actualization and healing.



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